The Farm

Snowberry Farm began operations in the Spring of 2018. For many years the land had been cut for hay for neighboring dairy farms. Now we use the fields for grazing our livestock and for producing fruits and vegetables. The farm is operated by Jesse Poe and spreads across 25 acres of green pastures and mixed hardwoods. On the property you can find remnants of an old barn, raspberry plantings from almost a century ago, as well as mature sugar maples, apple trees, wildflowers and some of the finest loamy soil found in Vermont. Since we purchased the farm we have been working on planting more fruit trees, berry bushes, raising various livestock, increasing the pollinator habitat and most importantly improving our agricultural knowledge which allows us to produce products more efficiently and humanely for the local community. Our main goal as farmers is to produce affordable fruits, vegetables, eggs and meat while using sustainable, ethical and organic practices.


Our Produce

We grow a wide variety of crops ranging from honey berries to tomatoes. Our latest focus has been on growing more varieties of fruits such as cold-hardy berries, apples, cherries, pears, plums, apricots, hazelnuts, peaches and more! All of our produce including our vegetables, herbs and fruit were certified organic by VOF (Vermont Organic Farmers) from 2018 to 2021. We are no longer certified organic due to time, cost, and lack of necessity, but that does not stop us from continuing to produce high quality, organic products. For us, growing organically means that we would never spray pesticides or herbicides or use synthetic fertilizers. The farm is still organic and always will be, just not certified.


Our Chickens 

Each year we raise laying hens for eggs and broilers for meat right here on the farm. Our mixed flock of laying hens free-range on an acre of pasture and lay eggs ranging in color from blue to pink. Our broiler chickens are a variety called Cornish Cross and are pasture-raised in chicken tractors from May to August each summer. Please contact us as early as possible to reserve your chicken(s) today! We only raise 100 broilers/year, so spaces are limited. Our chickens are fed a mixture of organic vegetables as well as Green Mountain Feed's non-gmo grain. Our whole-chickens weigh on average at 5#/bird. Order 10 or more chickens and the price is only $3.50/#. Order 9 or fewer birds and the price is $5/#.

Our Pigs

We are currently raising a variety of pigs called Gloucestishire Old Spots, but not for long! Beginning in the spring of 2022 we will not only be producing our own piglets for the farm, but we will also have a few for sale. They will be Tamworth crosses. Please message me as soon as possible to reserve your piglets and/or pork products as supplies are limited and we only have 2 sows. We give our pigs plenty of room to roam around (4 large pig pens to be exact). Having multiple pens allows us to rotationally graze the animals. For now, our pigs are fed semi-sustainably with a large portion of their diet containing mixed, organic fruits/vegetables from right here on the farm as well as non-gmo grains from Green Mountain Feeds. Depending on the time of the year they could be eating apples, berries, radishes, carrots, beets, turnips, lettuce, cabbage, pumpkins, squash, kale, tomatoes, acorns, pea shoots, popcorn, hay, maple sap, and it's all grown right here! Our goal for 2022 is to produce all of our own feed for the pigs throughout the year.