Try something new this year by purchasing half of a goat from Snowberry Farm! 



-You will receive approximately 15 pounds of individually packaged cuts such as: Rib chops, loin chops, breast, ribs, blade steaks, round-bone steaks, leg, shanks, neck, bones, ground, fat and offal. Each package is wrapped and processed by our local, USDA inspected butcher. You can expect around 20 packages. A half goat typically makes:

4 Chops (Rib/Loin)

5 Steaks ( Blade/Round-Bone)
1 Breast

1 Leg Roast

2 Shanks

1 Neck slice

1 Bones

1 Whole Rack 

1 Ground

1 Stew


*If the 15# is not met with cuts, the remainder will be comprised of stew or ground. Substitutions must be submitted prior to ordering.



-If you reside within 1 hour from our farm, then you will receive free delivery to your home or office. If you are over an hour away, no worries, just message us to see if we can deliver to where are you located. Can't fit all of this into your freezer? That's okay! Just ask about incremental delivery; if you live close enough it may be free for you to receive multiple, smaller deliveries.



-Here on the farm we would like to think that we raise the best chevon in Vermont and I wouldn't be lying if I told you that we did offer some of the finest around. We believe that there are 2 key factors to raising gourmet goats: 

1) Diet - Our goats are fed 100% organic, local hay. When not munching down on hay you can find them grazing or chewing their cud out in the pasture.

2) Well being - Our animals are not confined to cages, are named to ensure that each individual animal gets the attention they deserve and have  outdoor access at all times.



-Please message Jesse:


*Although our goats are fed organically, our chevon is not certified organic by VOF at this time.

*A $25 fee will be assessed for cancellations. 



    Contact Jesse at:

    (802) 595-5009

    92 Snow Road (Apple maps)

    Snowberry Farm (Google maps)

    Brookfield, Vermont

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